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Keep your eye on the ball

April 3, 2012


My earliest memories of baseball are coaches yelling for me to “keep my eye on the ball”… to “see the ball, hit the ball”.  Sports that require swinging a bat or a club at a ball – cricket, baseball, golf – demand that simple but elusive skill. As easy as it seems,  keeping your eye […]

Joy and Delight

February 28, 2012


I have been living in Philippians 3 of late, and have been so moved by the freshness of God’s Word in my life.  Here is verse 1 from two of my favorite translations. “In conclusion, my brothers, delight yourselves in the Lord! It doesn’t bore me to repeat a piece of advice like this, and […]

Never Quit

January 24, 2012


Most of you are probably aware of the movie Amazing Grace which is about one of the heroes of the faith, William Wilberforce. Because of his convictions as a follower of Jesus Christ, Wilberforce led the battle in England to abolish the heinous evil of slavery…a task that seemed absurd and undoable at the time.  He began this mission […]

Are you convinced?

January 10, 2012


From the archives: the following was sent from Tom Hammon to his staff in the early 1990s. As the school year begins, it is worth asking again, WHY we do all of this.  The overwhelming task of reaching lost, uninterested kids … “winning the right” … breaking into a school where no one seems to […]

Humility and Persistence

October 18, 2011


I just completed a wonderful little book titled Moses on Leadership – How to Become a Great leader in Forty Short Years by my friend Gene Mims. From knowing career military people Gene deduced two core virtues all great leaders have – humility and persistence. Note traits like charisma, decisiveness, boldness, brilliance and authority are […]

Fishin’ with John Miller

October 11, 2011


Contact work is a primary distinctive in Young Life. It is difficult, uncomfortable, at times awkward, lonely, and fraught with potential embarrassment. GO anyway!! If there is no contact work, no going TO kids who don’t know the Savior in their world it is NOT Young Life. It is then just a “come to us” […]