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From My Files: “A Word Received”

April 10, 2014


When I first began as a Young Life leader, I was encouraged to take notes, and keep handouts that were given to me.  I began collecting these in a three ring binder than soon multiplied into many binders.  I since have scanned these notes and handouts into my computer, making them searchable and much more […]

The Power of “The Next Time”

March 11, 2014


When you evaluate, do you look forward or back? We in Young Life have a culture of evaluation, which is a good thing. Our constant evaluation of ourselves and each other helps us to achieve the excellence that we strive for in our mission. Evaluation, despite its necessary function, and good intentions, is not always […]

Both Coins

February 11, 2014


Two coins have a permanent home in the center console of my red Hyundai Santa Fe.  They are in no danger of being used to pay a toll or feed a parking meter, because they are ancient copper coins–small, weathered and corroded over time.  They were given to me by a good friend named George. […]

What Do You Have in Common with the Chesapeake Bay?

December 12, 2013


Who are you becoming as a leader?  How will what you do today affect your leadership ten or twenty years from now? This fall, I was driving in Upstate New York, from Albany to Oneonta on Interstate 88.  About halfway there, I passed a sign that said, “Entering the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.”  I was incredulous.  I did […]

A Dashboard for Young Life Leaders

November 19, 2013


(Disclaimer: although most of L42day’s posts can be read with profit whether you are a part of the Young Life mission or not, today’s post is aimed specifically at those who are leading or supervising Young Life clubs.) Young Life leaders: Do the numbers at the left mean anything to you?  Can you make any […]

If You Aim at Nothing . . .

October 17, 2013


Do you have a plan for your life?  What are you aiming at?  Just over a year ago, I attended a conference called The Building Champions Experience, which is a four-day conference for professionals and executives run by Building Champions, a business coaching firm. The best part of “The Experience” was being given the encouragement, […]

Heaven is Home

May 14, 2013


A few weeks ago, I asked a room of high school students what they thought of when they thought of heaven.  The answers weren’t particularly impressive.  One answer of course was the familiar image of clouds in the sky.  I was surprised to hear one student reference the 80’s hit song “Heaven is a Place […]