Extending Love

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Boston1Throughout the last week many stories of sadness and heroism have arisen from the bombings at the Boston marathon. Instinctively, people ran to the scene, not away from it. The bombers casually and with indifference wandered away.  This is one of the differences between the Gospel and sin.  Jesus ran to us in the tragedy of our lives to offer hope.  Sin smirks and is indifferent in the tragedy that it creates in our lives.

Follow this link for a short video from ABC News 20/20. One of the runners that the story is about is Brent Cunningham, Regional Director of Young Life in Alaska. I met Brent years ago when he brought native Alaskan kids to Saranac. In many ways this story captures what we do in Young Life…extending grace, hope, and love in the midst of a broken world. Without much thought, Brent lives out the Gospel. Why? Because it is just a part of who he is.  It should be natural for those shaped by the Gospel to extend grace, hope, and love. I hope this story inspires you to sacrifice without needing to be noticed for it, to serve without attention, and to extend love to those around you.

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