Why is it so hard to ‘Love One Another’? John 15:12

Posted on March 8, 2012 by


“My command is this: Love one another as I have loved you.”

So simple, right? Yet perhaps none of Jesus’ commands is more difficult and less heeded (for me anyway). Why? Could it be that I am so utterly self-consumed and self-focused that I cannot see past my self and my wants and needs? Yes, but it seems that there is more to it than that. Is it that our concept of love is woefully inadequate and sentimentalized? That, too! Could our insecurities and fears cripple us in reaching out to see and meet the needs that others have? Certainly. And yet knowing the reasons and why we love so little cannot on its own turn the tide towards truly loving those we encounter everyday. What then shall we do?

Here is where the simplicity is found. Jesus said, ‘As I have loved you…’ Jesus rarely gives us a command without a promise or example of how to accomplish it. Here he gives us the greatest example that we could ever need. Jesus gave Himself fully for sinners like you and me on the Cross, not withholding His very life. He did the dying AND does the loving through us. We serve a living Jesus who lives in us and desires to love through us!

To love others we simply need to yield to His love for others expressed through us. He loves you fully and passionately, more than anyone or anything else can or will. We do not need to wonder if we are loved or seek to be loved by others anymore! Jesus also loves everyone you know and meet with that same sacrificing and pursuing love. All we need to do is get out of His way and allow Him to love others through us.

If you know that love for youself more deeply (and for me its recognizing how amazingly patient and forgiving he is with me every moment of every day) and dwell on it moment by moment throughout the day, you will be more inclined to see the needs of others and desire to partner with Jesus in loving that person like He does.

Try it today. See every person you see and meet as a child of God, loved as much by Jesus as you are, and ask the Lord to give you a loving heart towards them. At the end of the day see if you haven’t loved others ‘…as I have loved you.’!