Are you convinced?

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From the archives: the following was sent from Tom Hammon to his staff in the early 1990s.

As the school year begins, it is worth asking again, WHY we do all of this.  The overwhelming task of reaching lost, uninterested kids … “winning the right” … breaking into a school where no one seems to care if you are there or not … running a “successful” club … planning camps … spending hours of what feels like empty, wasted time at the school … sacrificing things in life which are becoming more and more appealing as you are around less often.

There is ample reason to quit … to throw in the towel.  But to persevere … to succeed, you must be convinced that you have been personally selected by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be involved in this craziness.

Are you convinced that Christ is worth it … that lost people are eternally separated from God … that Christ resurrected in time, space and history … that this isn’t really our ministry – it’s His … that God answers prayer … that you could have no greater privilege than to stand in front of kids and tell them about Christ … that God goes with you and precedes you, in contact work … that because of Christ, kids will respond to your friendship … that underneath it all, kids want to hear the Good News.?

Are you convinced that praying by name for kids adds a great dimension of power in our ministry … that there is POWER in GOD’S WORD … that the BIBLE is GOD’S WORD … that God continues to make a way when there appears to be none … that when “trials and temptations crowd into our lives,” we should welcome them as “friends” … that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness (I sure feel weak more than I admit) … that you are a part of God’s Holy, Salvation history, part of the 29th chapter of Acts … that there are divine appointments waiting at the high school … that there is no more critical group to reach in the world than high school kids …that you are a Missionary … that the “coincidences” increase as we and others pray?

Are you convinced That it’s okay if people don’t understand you or your ministry – Jesus was always misunderstood … that it must have been fun to follow Jesus around … that the Pharisees probably didn’t laugh a lot … that it’s fun to talk about Jesus  … that kids generally have all of the wrong impressions of Christ … that there is no more important time daily than yours with Christ … that Christ actually enjoys meeting with you?

Are you convinced that ministry will drive you up the wall without a thriving personal devotional life … that the best and only scriptural way to get leaders is to pray to the Lord of the Harvest … that prayer warriors make all of the difference in real fruit being born … that Christ’s ministry was to the masses but He poured His life into the 12 and particularly the 3 … that your needs have been and will be well taken care of by your Father in Heaven … that God loves you like he does the kids we’re trying to reach … that YOU are precious, Beloved.

Are you convinced?

  • If no, there are easier, less stressful things to do.
  • If yes, then you can’t wait for the next chance to stand in front of kids and with fun, enthusiasm, and boldness, tell “the old, old story of Jesus and His love.”

Bless you as you go!