The Vine and the Gardener. John 15:1

Posted on December 1, 2011 by


John 15:1  “I am the true vine and my Father is the Gardener.”

In a world of false vines, ones that claim the ability to grow and flourish the branches, Jesus stands alone as the ‘True Vine’. He alone can give the stability, nourishment and protection that come from being rightly connected to Him.  What joy we should have in being connected to Jesus, the true vine!  Know that your connection to Him did not come from your good works, or even from a good decision that you made.  Jesus Himself has regenerated us and connected us to that true vine, by His death and Resurrection and by the Spirit’s work in drawing you to Him.  As all that the branch needs to grow and flourish is provided by the vine, know that all that you will ever need will come from your  life giving connection to Jesus Christ.   He is our sufficiency.  Steve Brown puts it this way,

Jesus is all that we need, but we never know that Jesus is all that we need until Jesus is all that we have!  And when Jesus is all that we have, we discover that Jesus is all that we need.

Also, what a blessing to be tended to by the Master Gardener, our Heavenly Father!  He carefully prunes us and uses ALL the circumstances of our lives and His people to make us fruitful for His glory through the Gospel.  Everything that happens to us is a part of the Master Gardener’s loving pruning in our lives (more on that next week).  Submit to His loving pruning in order to be full and fruitful, trusting in the work of His hands.

ASK:  Have I forgotten the incredible blessing of being connected to the True Vine and being tended by the Master Gardner?

APPLY:  What circumstances in my life am I resisting, in which God desires to use to grow me in depth of character, and in Kingdom building skills and abilities?